Putney High School

The Nick Maughan Foundation is proud to provide full bursaries for children from low-income families to attend some of the country's best schools, as part of the Foundation’s ongoing work to narrow the educational attainment gap between wealthy and disadvantaged students.

The Foundation believes that exceptional teaching and the provision of extra-curricular activities should not only be available to those whose families are able to pay private school fees, but also to those with the requisite ability without the financial means.

It is for this reason that the Nick Maughan Foundation has consistently donated to Putney High, as part of the Foundation’s educational grant-giving initiatives. Putney High is dedicated to providing the best possible education to bright and ambitious girls, which the Nick Maughan Foundation seeks to open up to pupils from any background through its bursary programme.

NMF also provides support to the school’s internal charity, Friends of Putney High School, which organises extra-curricular activities for the school community. Friends of Putney High is committed to organising the provision of the school’s facilities for disadvantaged local children, with support from the Nick Maughan Foundation enabling young people from less fortunate backgrounds to have the same access to extra-school activities as those from more affluent ones.
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