Education, Environment, Community.

Pillar I. Education

The Foundation helps London-based children from disadvantaged backgrounds to have the same opportunities as those from more fortunate backgrounds have. The Foundation works to identify suitable opportunities to award grants and full scholarships to high-achieving children from families below the median-income level, as well as providing funding for under-resourced schools.

Outside of the U.K. NMF is very actively involved in funding and building schools in Africa. Click here for an example of what we are up to in Mbale region, Eastern Uganda.

Pillar II. The Environment

The Foundation is especially committed to reversing the climatic effects brought on by the accelerated pace of fossil fuel use for power, industry and transport. By donating to organisations effective in carbon reduction and sequestration and funding campaigns for policy change, NMF contributes to the fight for a safer planet for future generations.

Pillar III. Community

The Foundation supports local, community-based solutions to engrained social problems. We target our funding towards organisations and initiatives that promote opportunity in the most disadvantaged communities in the UK – from local services for vulnerable young people, to community-based mental health initiatives and charitable projects aimed at countering discrimination against disenfranchised groups.

The foundation both sets up programmes directly and supports existing projects.

Nick Maughan is an impact investor, philanthropist and founder of the Nick Maughan Foundation

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