About the Nick Maughan Foundation

The Nick Maughan Foundation (NMF) was established to further a range of philanthropic initiatives in education, the environment and civic support schemes for disenfranchised communities.

Nick Maughan is a British ESG investor and philanthropist. He was born in January 1980 in Hammersmith, London where he lived and was educated before studying religion and theology at the University of Manchester. He returned to London to complete his Masters in Finance at Cass Business School. At the age of twenty-four Nick left the UK to work in the United States before spending ten years setting up software companies in Bulgaria. He has since lived in the Bahamas and Italy.

He is the founder of Maughan Capital, a strategic investment fund focused on impact investment and emerging technologies and a director of CSX, the carbon exchange.

Through the Foundation Nick sponsors a number of scholarships in secondary education in the area of London in which he grew up, and supports a range of private initiatives to provide educational aid to households below the median income. He also sponsors academic research, including funding PhD students in the medical sciences and funds/builds schools in Africa.

As part of its environmental work, NMF is a key donor to Tusk, of which Nick is a trustee. Tusk’s mission is to amplify the impact of progressive conservation initiatives across Africa. The foundation also supports human focussed African charities including educational charity Christel House in South Africa and Harpenden Spotlight on Africa, through which it funds medical facilities and schools in Eastern Uganda.

The Foundation works with disenfranchised communities in the U.K. It is a major donor to the Berkshire Youth Trust, which provides youth support services to help vulnerable young people make successful transitions to adulthood, as well as the Charlie Miller Football Academy in Glasgow. Its flagship project however is BoxWise, a nationwide non-profit social enterprise funded by NMF that helps young people build confidence, improve their health and wellbeing and maximise all opportunities available to them. Nick founded the first BoxWise centre in south London with Rick Ogden and has since rolled them out at over thirty venues across the U.K, including in partnership with leading youth homeless charity Centrepoint, to which NMF is also a donor. BoxWise has most recently expanded into South Africa and Ireland with Uganda coming soon.

Nick is a collector and active supporter of the arts. Inspired by the work of his brother Oliver Maughan, a London-based landscape painter, he supports young and emerging artists in the United Kingdom and abroad.

NMF is privately funded by Nick Maughan and can not accept any donations.
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